Leisure Suit Larry returns or possibly doesn’t

If you were ever a young prepubescent boy picking out videogames in your local videogame store than your eyes definitely drifted over a Leisure Suit Larry box and stuck for a little while. If you were ever lucky enough to pick-up one of the fantastically sophomoric adventure games you knew that it was the holy grail of mostly naked women in a videogame (this was before Ivy and internet porn). Larry holds a fond place in many people’s minds and the fact that a new game was coming, no matter how much it was probably going to suck, had a lot of people excited. Then Activsion and Blizzard merged and the game, Box Office Bust, fell by the wayside.

It looks like that prepubescent boy inside all of us can once again rejoice, possibly. Intrepid diggers at CVG uncovered a listing on the German Game Rating Body that said the game had been picked up by Codemasters. The listing has since been removed so we can’t all go gawk at it and wonder what wonderful digital breasticles we’ll get to see in the latest edition, but it is at least hope. Meanwhile we can still enjoy Larry’s other antics.