Have a bloody good time with Warhammer

In honor of American Football’s main event this weekend (and to hype their new game) Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studio has released a series of trailers for their upcoming football sim Blood Bowl, which merges our beloved past time with the only slightly less beloved Warhammer world. Not to say that we all fit the outdoor activity shunning gamer stereotypes, but its understandable to be more excited about a game like Blood Bowl than the actual Super Bowl–doubly understandable when my home team gets taken out in the first round, sorry Colts.

Take favorite races Orcs, Elves, Humans, Dwarfs, Goblins, Skaven and more to the turf and let the games begin. Teams can be managed and custom created from players and line-ups to colors, weapons and armor. The stadiums look great and cover all the races home field giving it an epic Old World Warhammer feel. They even have cheerleaders, which makes us wonder what the half-time show would be like on the Orcs field.

The team management system could almost be a game in itself. Teams gain experience and awards which can be used to upgrade the team. Managers get sponsors and can trade players as they grow old and eventually die. So far no sign of needles though. There are two modes of gameplay. Players can get the full visceral experience in real time mode with bone crushing tackles, magic spells and dirty tricks; or players can go old school and play in a turn-based mode for the classic board game experience. There will also be multiplayer for both modes as well as online leaderboards, tournaments and stat tracking for fantasy ownage.

Blood Bowl is slated for Q2 2009 release on PC, Xbox 360, PSP and DS. I’m thinking of building a team of Chaos to decimate a team of puny Humans and have a Colts vs. Ravens rematch. Check out the rest of the videos below.