Indiana Jones spotted swinging onto the Wii

Being in a business where games get announced and hyped to hell then quietly canceled or delayed (cough…Duke Nukem Forever) it can be daunting to remember just what the hell is going on with some games. Think back to 2006 at about the same time everyone is getting hyped over the new Indiana Jones movie and Lego game. LucasArts showed off a video for their new Indiana Jones game sans crystal skulls. We were excited to learn there was still life in the series, and using the Euphoria Engine from The Force Unleashed no less. Then we hear about the Vanity Fair article and how there are bad guys, but not specifically Nazis or Swastikas for sensibility issues, or senselessness issues rather.

Add a couple of years and the game gets dropped from the original Xbox 360 and PS3 production. Now suddenly we get a fantastic preview for this game, now officially Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, saying that it will be swinging onto the Wii, DS and some PlayStation system, likely the PSP. Great! So, should we get excited that this new adventure is coming out, or disappointed that it won’t be the movie HD quality we expected?

Judging this preview we would have to say the former rather than the latter. The graphics look good with great facial expressions and it kind of sounds like Harrison Ford is returning to voice Han err.. Indiana. Don’t hold us to that though.

Fans can expect another world trekking adventure, this time going back to religious artifacts. It even looks like we may be seeing Lao Che make an appearance as well, which is good for the series to get away from the whole aliens thing. The trailer does a good job of showing the variety of locations in the game, but does a poor job of showing Indiana’s vocabulary with almost only grunts and yells.

The game is scheduled for a spring o’ 2009 release.