New Batman trailer brings more hope of a good game

It boggles the mind that a character as cool as Batman who seems custom tailored for videogames with his plethora of gadgets and fighting skills hasn’t had a good videogame starring him since the days of the SNES (and even that wasn’t that great). Try as they might, developers don’t seem to be able to nail down the Dark Knight to any kind of decent gameplay. However, much like fans of Sonic, hope springs eternal every time a new Batman game is announced. It is no different for Batman: Arkham Asylum.

The above trailer shows off more of the upcoming game from Eidos and WBIE and we gotta say our hopes are now astronomically high. Not only does the Joker seem spot on but the fighting looks like it could be seriously decent and since it’s all taking place within an enclosed area (Arkham Asylum) we’re thinking beat em’ up is going to be the name of the game, which is fine with us as long as it works well. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that finally, finally, finally a decent Batman game has come along. New screens for the fantastic looking game in the gallery too.