New details about Deus Ex 3 released

Hratelne, a Czech gaming magazine, recently got a good look at Eidos Montreal’s upcoming RPG shooter, Deus Ex 3. Much of the game remains mysterious, but this article offers some of the first juicy tid bits of information we’ve found so far.

Unfortunately, the original article is in Czech. But the good news is that some fans have translated parts of the article and posted the details on the Eidos forums. Below are some of the major points:

Deus Ex 3 will be a prequel to the first a second installments of the series, taking place 25 years before the original.

-The world is ruled by mega corporations, more powerful than national governments. Various conspiracy groups are setting these corporations against each other.

-You will play as Adam Jensen, a chief of security at a research institution. After a commando slaughters all of the scientists in the lab, Jensen is left in ruins and decides to figure out who was behind the attack.

-The questions who and why is behind the attack are answered relatively soon into the game, however more serious questions arise with the answers.

-A cover system similar to Rainbox Six: Las Vegas will be implemented and heavily used.

-Some of the RPG elements, such as the accuracy of your shooting, have been removed. The upgrades and augmentations will return, most of them determining how you tactically approach given situations, as opposed to how well you shoot a rifle.

-The augs will be separated into four classes: combat, stealth, technology, and dialogue.

-Women play a large role in the game. Some will try to be your friend, others will try to become your lover, and still others will betray you…all depending on your previous actions.

-The difficulty of bosses will depend on earlier choices.

-The events of the game will lead to the establishment of UNATCO, the organization for which JC Denton, the original game’s protagonist, worked.

-The main villain is to be ‘similiar’ to Jensen…maybe a relative.

-Squad based combat AI with a visually identifiable squad leader. Taking out the leader is enormously helpful in defeating the enemies.

-Lastly, Eidos Montreal is trying to create an atmosphere that, like Bioshock and System Shock, sets the game apart immediately. That style has been described as pessimistic cyberpunk meets the Renaissance.

Needless to say, Deux Ex 2 was a giant disappointment. Hopefully this next installation will live up to the original game in complexity, plot, and solid gameplay. We’ll bring you more information about this upcoming 2009 shooter as it becomes available.