Rumor / Disney working on new Tron game

There are only a few things that can invoke a nerdgasm. Tron is one of these things and can immediately drop a nerd to their knees, cause convulsing, and severe off any relationship with the opposite sex. There was already a collective gasp when Disney announced the sequel to Tron, and ever since then people have been thirsting for another Tron game.

Some rumors have been swirling and according to Variety, Disney Interactive has been toying with the concept of another Tron game. Of course, this comes after the layoffs at Disney Interactive that put 30 people out of a job, but hey, you only need one person and an Etch-E-Sketch to make a decent Tron experience. Don’t expect this to happen anytime soon though. The next Tron movie, aptly named “TR2N”, is scheduled for a 2011 release window and it would be safe to assume the game would follow. It’s ok, all I require is a massive amount of Jeff Bridges…