THQ lays off 100 workers

Remember toward the end of last year when THQ announced that times are tight? Looks like on top of the announced 250 layoffs, another 100 in their mobile divisions will be seeing a cut. Specifically, teams in San Diego, UK, and Germany will be shut down completely. The goal, apparently, is to shift focus to the iPhones and Blackberries of the world and no longer support the little Nokias or “Free with 2 Year Contract” phones.

Having suffered net loss of $115 million last fiscal year, it’s understandable the company would still be looking for ways to save money. Plus I don’t think I ever once purchased a game for my cell phone and don’t know many who do for that matter. Still, this trimming the fat business is one that’s become pretty common among all publishers these days. Not something we particularly enjoy seeing.