DJ Hero coming this year

Although DJ Hero is not an officially announced title, we do know that it is coming, and sooner than we think. While talking with CNBC Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick revealed that the next installment of their plastic musician games is coming this year. “We have this product called DJ Hero coming out later this year, which is a turntable that you actually can play competitively and spin discs and mix songs,” explains Kotick.

We here at TVGB eagerly await the full details of what this game will be because right now we know very litte. The term DJ is a pretty loose description. A DJ could be the guy on the radio playing your favorite (or most hated) songs and broadcasting it over the airwaves. A DJ could also be the guy mixing and slamming hot tracks in a drug fueled rave party, or the guy pushing “phat” beats for the sickest MC in the land. Also lets not forget the Moby types, who are DJs who spin tracks at raves and produce original electronic music. Obviously they look to be leaning towards the Club/Hip-hop style DJ, but we still wonder, how can they make that into a game? Traditional instruments make sense to us, there are specific notes that you have to hit and that lends itself to gameplay very well. But how do you take a instrument that doesn’t necessarily have specific notes to hit and turn it into a game? We’re curious to find out and be sure that once we know, you will too!