Microsoft still wants to hold hands with Ensemble

So, by now everyone has heard that Ensemble studios, responsible for Halo Wars, was on its way to being shut down. Another causality in the long line of layoffs that we have witnessed in the past months. However, in a strange twist of luck, it seems that Microsoft doesn’t want to leave any hard feelings. Former Ensemble employees were planning to form a new studio and Microsoft has already extended a hand to them. Odd, considering they were the ones that kicked them to the curb.

In an article from Eurogamer, Microsoft admits that they have a “lot of ideas” when it comes to Halo Wars. So obviously they are going to want talent that has experience with the game.

“Ensemble is, as I’m sure you know, forming a new company, and they will be helping us support the title moving forward, so: bug patches, any kind of fixes – we’ll have all those folks available to work on it,” said Jason Pace, lead producer for Halo Wars. So graceful that admission. Is it just me, or does this seem like an ex-boyfriend (girlfriend) desperately coming back to their lover after they realize their mistakes?

Despite this, I think this is a good move on Microsoft’s part, cutting costs and still keeping on retainer a talented team. I wouldn’t want a whole new team working on a Halo Wars sequel, we already have to many reinventions of the Halo universe.