New Resident Evil movie details infecting the interwebs

Just because Resident Evil 3 saw the world reduced to a desert, the T-virus given the added ability of drying up rivers and lakes and killing plants in addition to turning most of humanity into murderous zombies, doesn’t mean they can’t keep going. Whether they should is another question entirely, but one thankfully not getting in the way of pre-production on Resident Evil 4!

According to, Paul W.S. Anderson has already written the screenplay, but won’t be returning to the director’s chair – they’re waiting until the ink dries on Milla’s contract to hire a director, but other details like filming locations (Toronto and Tokyo), creature effects (Patrick Tatopoulos of Resident Evil 3) and practical effects (Michael Lantieri of Jurassic Park 3) and are already falling into place.

If their “very reliable source” is to be believed, the screenplay will be more akin to the second movie, but “with better dialogue” and a “very dark” tone. There go my hopes for a zombie-themed teen comedy set in space.