EA grabs the rights to Robert Ludlum books

Tom Clancy better watch his back because there’s about to be a new writer-turned-videogame author in town and that man is Robert Ludlum. EA has announced that they’ve inked a deal with Ludlum Entertainment to be the exclusive worldwide publisher of Robert Ludlum games. Guess where they’re starting. Come on. It’s an easy one. That’s it! The first game under the license will be a Jason Bourne game, which is currently in development at Starbreeze Studios. Starbreeze makes the Riddick games so not only should we be expecting this game to be better than the last Bourne attempt, but we should be expecting one of the best movie/book character-based games ever. Plus with EA’s money maybe we’ll see Mr. Damon return to the role.

We’re guessing that EA wants to turn Robert Ludlum into the same sort of thing Tom Clancy is, where we’ll be seeing Robert Ludlum’s name on the side of games in plenty of different genres. Part of this suspicion has to do with the fact that Ludlum Entertainment has also entered into a production deal with Universal to make dozens of Ludlum’s books into movies. Should be seeing a ton of movie based games from EA in the coming years, but as long as they keep Starbreeze trucking on them it’ll all be OK.