Installs and optional controls of Resident Evil 5

Xbox LIVE gold subscribers have been playing through the two levels of the Resident Evil 5 demo since last week while PS3 owners have to wait until Thursday to get their hands on time with it. One of the biggest complaints about RE5 or the franchise in general is the sluggish tank-like character controls. It really got our hearts pumping when the game was still in the survival horror genre but it’s safe to say RE5 is more “actiony” than horror so the controls must reflect that change.

On an episode of The OXM Report Capcom’s director of marketing Mike Webster confirmed there will be an option to run and shoot in a Gears of War style in addition to the traditional control scheme. In the same breath I shudder to add that Next Gamer reports the PS3 version of the game will require an install of 5GB. That’s 1GB for every number in the title. It’s time to buy another hard drive.