Irony threatens Hudson, Hudson survives

From our “Taking Games too Seriously” department comes this little tid-bit of news. A Japanese man named Takao Ike was apparently so angry at the quality of recent Hudson games that he started sending the company bomb threats. The 29-year-old was arrested for making 11 threats against the Bomberman (hint: that’s the ironic part) publisher between October and January of 2008. Clearly he didn’t have a 360 or Wii and thus never got to play the online versions of Bomberman because those games are the bo… nevermind.

Ike said that his requests were just not being listened to so he had to do it. “I did it because I posted my demands concerning the games, but the games didn’t improve,” he confessed. We all feel Mr. Ike’s pain, but that doesn’t really explain why he was also requesting 80 million yen and threatening to blow up JR Takamatsu Station. Maybe he bought 80 million yen worth of Hudson products? Can someone even do that?