SouthPeak to show some stuff at NYCC

SouthPeak, the mastermind publishers putting gaming classics like Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball and My Baby Girl/Boy for the DS into existence, will be making an appearance at this weekend’s New York Comic Con to show off some of its upcoming work. The announcement lists four titles: The anime-styled action shooter/slasher/badly voice acted X-Blades (Xbox 360, PS3, and PC), Puzzlers Roogoo Attack! (DS) and Roogoo Twisted Towers! (Wii), sci-fi tactical first-person shooter Section 8 (Xbox 360, PC), and the moderately hyped Velvet Assassin (also Xbox 360, PC). There to help pimp these games will be some of the X-Blades dev team, the voice and mocap talent for Velvet Assassin Melinda Cohen, and Ninjatown creator Shawn Smith will offer his name to be scribed on any piece of paper flashed in his face… ANY. Adding to the X-Blades love is also a tournament with a figurine of main heroine Ayumi being the lead prize.

So games that aren’t out yet on display, a chance to win a scantily clad anime chick figurine, talking to game developers, and even one guy signing autographs. Sounds like a party. BYOB, but don’t because you probably won’t be allowed into the con. Sorry.