You can’t run away in Resident Evil 5, ever

If there is one thing that Left 4 Dead has taught me about zombies, it’s that you can’t run from your problems. You have to remain steady, and pump a whole lot of bullets at them. Resident Evil 5 has the same theory, and despite news about a second control scheme that would enable Chris Redfield to book it; Capcom has held fast to the stand-and-shoot philosophy. The latest post on Capcom’s community blog clear the whole issue up for us.

“THE NEW CONTROL OPTIONS IN RESIDENT EVIL 5 DO NOT ALLOW YOU TO MOVE AND SHOOT SIMULTANEOUSLY,” writes the author. That’s pretty blunt, and they go on to explain why this is the case.

“While RE5 is very action-heavy, the base RE game design mechanic of holding fast while shooting remains. This mechanic will be immediately familiar to any of the 36+ million people who have played previous Resident Evil games, but may require some mental readjustments by players who are new to the series,” writes the author.

However, there is a secondary control option which allows the player to “strafe” around the impending undead. You hear that Call of Duty players, there is no jumping off ledges to knife unsuspecting zombies. All fine by me, as the joy of Resident Evil was that you had to be mindful of your surroundings constantly. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind running away from the chainsaw maniac.