Activision reveals NYCC line-up

The New York Comic Con is only two days away and we’re finally getting confirmation on what is going to be there from a few developers. Today’s list comes from publishing giant Activsion who, as we all know, rocks the Marvel game lisence like a true rock star. Unless you count the Spider-Man 3 game, then they don’t. But there isn’t any Spidey game this year for Activision to show off. That doesn’t mean they won’t be delivering us plenty of superhero goodies.

The only game that fans will be able to get thier hands on at NYCC will be Prototype. However, this being the first time the general public has been allowed to play it, that’s some pretty exciting news. Activsion will also be showing off X-Men Origins: Wolverine gameplay in-theater and debuting the trailer for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. It’s enough superhero gaming news to make anyone go weak at the knees. Of course Activsion will also be hosting a few panels on the games to discuss development on them. We’ll be bringing you news on all of these games and the panels along with hands-on time at Activsion’s pre-con party they’re holding Thursday night. All we have to do is dress up like the wait staff and sneak in…