Avatar clothing to soon be earned like Achievements

So far whenever some sexy new threads have hit for our Avatars, they’ve been some free grabs that we can instantly put on. While that practice may not be stopping, it seems that a new way to deck out our cartoony lookalikes is coming as Rare has revealed that in time games will be giving away clothes and accessories for Avatars just like people earn Achievement points.

In speaking with VG247 Rare’s art head, Lee Musgrave, said, “In time… games will be able to give away clothes and accessories just like Achievements,” which is exactly what I wrote before, but now in quotes. However, no news on which games will have this feature is really forthcoming from the developer, though Rare producer Stacey Law said that the company is “currently working with multiple partners who have expressed interest in using Avatars.” Why wouldn’t they. Those little characters are strangely addictive and if gamers go crazy of earning points, imagine the reaction when we actually get something we can use.