Get ready to not use some cool RE5 and SFIV Home stuff

The general feeling about Playstation Home is that it’s kind of nice that it’s there, but we’d all rather just jump in and play our games. This doesn’t mean that companies are going to be supporting the heck out of it though. Who knows it could take off at any moment and become the most popular pointless virtual world ever! EA has already stated it will be throwing in plenty of support and now it looks like Capcom is joining the party as well. Despite both games being multiplatform, Home will see some brand new Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV content.

RE5 will receive a Kijuju-themed lounge where players can run around the African shantytown, possibly searching for viral marketing, and skins for their avatar. SFIV won’t receive the spiffy lounge treatment but I think getting to walk around as “thunder-thighs” Chun-Li will totally make up for it. The SFIV content will include new skins and a few new items to pick up. Look how exciting and full of life those skins are, just like Home is.