Red Alert 3: Uprising trailer jumps on creepy Japanese schoolgirl bandwagon

The latest trailer for C&C Red Alert 3: Uprising offers a sneak peek at the download-only expansion’s new units, new cast members and new campaign centered around that staple of Japanese cinema, the schoolgirl with creepy powers.

The Empire faction’s one-woman commando unit, the mysterious and monstrous Yuriko “Dolphin Killer” Omega, looks to have some really cool abilities, including sending infantry flying at the speed of thought, vaporizing nearby enemies into a fine bloody mist and projecting a protective psionic shield.

Red Alert 3: Uprising picks up right where the Allied campaign left off, featuring four all new mini-campaigns, one for each of the game’s factions, and a bonus campaign centered solely around explaining Yuriko’s shady origins. Look for the PC-centric title to deploy, with more Ric Flair than you even dared dream, in March 2009. Whooo!