SEGA releasing Let’s Tap in the US

Using the Wii remote in creative fashions has been a hit-and-miss adventure for developers since the system’s launch. For instance SEGA’s Let’s Tap, in which players place their Wii remote on a flat surface and then tap said surface using the vibrations that the controller picks up to play a collection of games, didn’t really light anyone on fire with excitement when it was released in Japan. That’s Japan, however, and America is coo-coo for casual gaming experiences, and thus SEGA has announced that they will be releasing Let’s Tap in North America to the surprise of everyone, but the excitement of very few.

The game, which was developed by former lead programmer on the Sonic games Yuji Naka, will have five different modes to play, all of which are controlled through the player’s tapping. The first is Tap Runner, a sort of track running game in which tapping at different rates makes your runner perform different actions. The second is Visualizer, which is more of a creative tool that makes fireworks and other color things appear via the player’s taps. The third mode is Silent Blocks, which works like Jenga but it’s all about tapping the blocks out. Fourth is Bubble Voyager, which is a sort of side-scroller in which tapping controls the player’s character, and the final mode is the expected rhythm mode, called Rhythm Tap.

The games are pretty basic on the whole and word is that to really enjoy it you need a group of friends around. However, since that’s usually when most people seem to use their Wii anyway, this could be a great game to pick-up for parties. Now, I’ve got to go sing It’s A Small World After All so I can get that trailer’s tune out my head.