EA will be focusing on the Wii a whole lot

TVGB got a chance to sit in on EA’s Q3 fiscal earnings conference call that took place Tuesday evening and if there was one thing that was abundantly clear during the call it was that EA wants a slice of the Wii’s success and they will be pushing many of their resources towards that effort. In fact half of their console games in development will be going to the Wii, and much of their focus will be bringing core entertainment to the Wii.

John Riccitiello discussed EA’s game development division by dividing them up into three buckets. One bucket for online gaming, another for the Wii and a third for the PS3 and 360. Since the PS3 and 360 often have the same games in development they go in the same bucket he explained. The Wii gets its own bucket and each bucket will get an equal amount of games (he said around 20). This means that Nintendo will be getting half of EA’s console developed games. “Ninendo’s the leader this generation, they’re getting half our emphasis in terms of title count,” Riccitiello bluntly explained.

He also went into great detail on the fact that most companies approach to developing Wii games didn’t seem to be working. EA now plans to approach Wii games a bit different: by putting time and effort into them. One of the major things that seemed to be emphasized during the call (in which many new Wii titles were brought up including a new Dead Space game) was that the Wii was the best way to make money because of its install base, and that the best way to make money on the Wii was to make good games on it. We’ll just have to wait and see if this comes true.