Games can handle themselves in the UK

While I am a huge believer that whipping out statistics and numbers to prove a point in some sort of argument or debate is really only the result of that person twisting those statistics to say what they want them to say, allow me to be a hypocrite for just a moment.

The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) has reported a 99 percent approval rate concerning the advertising of UK game ads. The report covered broadcast and non-broadcast ads, (television, magazines, etc.), between April and June 2008. In that time span, 130 titles and 241 individual ads were assessed for this report. The only ad that the ASA felt was unacceptable was a trailer for Condemned 2: Bloodshot (yeah, that game is pretty damn graphic – even the trailers are as well).

Well, ASA, it’s nice to know that you approve of our industries advertising in an effort to keep the moms of the world from beating down our doors in a blind rage. Any extra back-slapping is certainly appreciated! Now, how about a backscratch?