Prototype release date shifts to June

Prototype, Activision’s shape-shifting openworlder is now set for a June 2009 release. The date was slipped into New York Comic-Con invitations, where eager gamers will have the opportunity to get their hands on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 builds.

Prototype was initially slated for release in summer 2008, but was delayed in order to give developers Radical the time to “deliver the game the team initially set out to do.” Last we heard Prototype was to be released in April, but now it would seem we’re looking at the best part of a year’s delay. Let’s hope it arrives suitably polished.

In the game players control Alex Mercer, a body-morphing mutant capable of absorbing his enemies. Mercer starts his adventure on an autopsy bench with no memories and no idea how he arrived there. Thus begins his quest for self-discovery, a journey that take him deep within the… you know what? Let’s drop the crap. This game allows you to elbow-drop tanks! TANKS!! Everything else is just dressing.