SEGA announces NYCC lineup

If one thing is for sure, it’s that NYCC is shaping up to be a pretty good venue for gamers. SEGA isn’t ready to just let it pass by either and has a pretty solid lineup planned. There is planned hands-on time with The House of the Dead: Overkill, MadWorld, The Conduit, and Sonic & The Black Knight. Apparently guests will be handed a card and after filing it in with the information needed, they also get a free t-shirt. Ok, well that last part really isn’t that exciting, but somehow I suspect a lot of t-shirts to return from our coverage.

However, if you like people to sign things of yours, there will be autograph sessions with developers form Platinum Games, and High Voltage Software (developers of The Conduit). Also, if you come dressed as a Valkyrie Chronicles character, you will receive a limited edition Valkyrie Chronicles art book. Honestly, if I was going to dress up like a crazy videogame character, I would want the damn game. So it seems like SEGA has some pretty neat stuff to participate in, but if you’re still not satisfied, you could always just follow the Sonic Team screaming “Why? Why do you hate us!?!”