Square Enix to release Star Ocean: The Last Hope this Spring to PAL regions

Star Ocean: The Last Hope will get its localization to the PAL regions sometime this Spring that will include French, German, Spanish and Italian subtitles and menu screens. I myself have not played a Star Ocean title, but the prospect of a claimed “soaring space opera” sounds interesting enough on its own terms even without some sort of context. “Star Ocean has already proved to be a popular series in Japan, we now hope that players around the world can discover why. Star Ocean: The Last Hope is a stunning new adventure in the series that is sure to delight both fans and newcomers alike,” John Yamamoto, prez and CEO of Square Enix, said of his feelings on this installment.

So far, the story of Star Ocean: The Last Hope follows in the year S.D. 10 in the events after World War III, where humanity must find another place a place to inhabit, somewhere in space. This game is a prequel to the entire series thus far, so it’ll be interesting to see Square Enix unfold the beginnings of this universe.

Japan and North America will get their copies of Star Ocean: The Last Hope later in the next month, Europe will have to wait until a later date.