Warhammer Online: Call to Arms

Call to Arms is what Warhammer Online creator Mythic is calling a “live expansion” while others may call it a content patch. Announced a few days, Mythic is getting geared up to push its first major content update since the game’s launch in Sept. 2008. Mythic plans to address some of the concerns voiced by the Warhammer community while simultaneously adding new content.

They will be adding two new classes, Dwarf Slayer and Orc Choppa which incites echos of Aronld Swarzenegger’s voice in my head. Accompining the new classes will be a new dungeon called Land of the Dead (not to be confused with an epic zombie adventure), a new RvR senario, several world open RvR events and website updates that include the offical WAR forums turning nerd raging into “feedback”. For the WAR community, these are all welcome additions to the WAR universe. All the details of the update are to be released, but the major bullet points are solid and should help round out the well established based. The new classes are exciting and the open RvR events should catalyst more war like senarios and bring the game closer to what it set out to achive. Total war!