4-player FPS co-op comes to WiiWare

While we know absolutely nothing about the quality of Hudson’s upcoming Onslaught the mere fact that it exists is exciting none the less. Not only is Onslaught and FPS for the Wii, but it is also a WiiWare game and will have 4-player co-op. Even if the game sucks the big one, at least someone out there is recognizing that these kind of games can be done on WiiWare and has picked up the gauntlet to make it. Reports in another language say that the game will be hitting Europe next month, but no word on a US release.

The game will take place in the future where an elite team is sent to a space colony after communications are lost with the colony. Turns out they were lost because of some nasty baddies taking over the area and players will have to fight through them in order to survive. When Hudson decides to speak in English they say that the game will bring a new level of FPS action to the the Wii, with ridicously well done controls and plenty of action. Don’t know about that, but I gotta say that it sure looks good for a WiiWare game.