Left 4 Dead: Survival Pack is calling for more paramedics this Spring

If you’re a fan of shooting zombies in the face, but have been finding the current offerings in Left 4 Dead to be getting a little long in the tooth, a remedy is on the way. This Spring, Valve is releasing the L4D Survival Pack, bringing a new multiplayer mode, called Survivor, as well as two new multiplayer Versus campaigns. Details and pricing on the new features are as limited as a zombie’s ability to hold a day job in corporate America, however.

Newcomers to the zombie shooter can look forward to a “Critic’s Choice Edition” hitting retail shelves, featuring the original taste of L4D with the smooth new Survival Pack formula added in. As an added bonus for PC gamers, the L4D Source SDK will be made available for aspiring game junkies to create their own campaigns and unleash them upon the world as a free download. If anyone creates a zombie circus level with this, I will literally quit the internet in fear of my dreams forever being tainted.

Was anyone else hoping for more co-op campaigns, maybe one set in the above mentioned circus? Ah crap, that would be enough for me to become a priest. Either way, hopefully this new content comes to the Xbox Live Marketplace, unlike the cool updates to Team Fortress 2. You can’t see it, but I’m shaking my fist.