LucasArts wall posters will make me break up with IKEA

I think I finally understand why people put those anime wall scrolls up in their apartments/homes. Ok, maybe I don’t understand, but I have to at least give them a pass after seeing these LucasArts posters an intrepid fan has put together. Using sources including box and manual scans, magazine ads and some good old-fashioned repainting, Laserschwert (forum name) was able to turn some of LucasArts’ most classic images into art fit for walls or swingin’ love vans.

I can’t even begin to explain to you the nerd joy that’s welling up inside of me. The quest for a print shop with a giant printer is afoot because that Fate of Atlantis poster will work well to wipe the memory of the last film from my gray matter. They also make awesome iPhone wallpapers. Just sayin’.