Wii Music did not meet its potential

I think that most gamers would say that Wii Music never had any potential to reach in the first place, but when Nintendo president Satoru Iwata discusses the game’s potential during a third quarter financial briefing held in Tokyo last week he isn’t talking about the game itself, but the money Nintendo made off of it. Speaking during the Q&A section of the briefing Iwata said that Wii Music had underperformed what Nintendo had expected it to do, citing the fact that people had very different reactions to the game.

“I agree that Wii Music, as of now, has not achieved its true potential. On the other hand, I feel that Wii Music is a software that elicits largely two extremely different reaction from consumers. There are people who highly appreciate it and those who do not appreciate it at all,” Iwata said. However, the Nintendo president isn’t giving up hope. “We do not like to think that we failed with Wii Music nor that we should abandon sales support,” said Iwata. “If we had approached Brain Age with that mentality, the software would have not achieved the current sales situation,” he added, refering to the fact that the first Brain Age sold poorly in Japan until the second game was released.

It should be noted though that while Wii Music (and Animal Crossing) did “not go as well as planned” sales wise this doesn’t mean they sold poorly. In fact the numbers for both games are very solid, it’s just that Nintendo is so used to selling their games through the roof that when they only sell well it’s somewhat of a disappointment.