Scorpion’s mocap goes badly for crickets, some guy named Jordan

The only thing funnier than this motion capture session for THQ’s Deadly Creatures is the number comments unabashedly and unironically asking: “How did they get a scorpion into that blue bodysuit?” I’d love to try and convince them there’s a sweatshop in Honduras where toddles are stitching miniature scorpion-sized suits for the creepy crawly Wii-exclusive, but where’s the challenge?

Instead I’ll point out that Deadly Creatures might be winning us over with its charm. The concept is bizarre – the game starts with a crazed man’s claims that a scorpion and tarantula blew up a gas station, with players taking control 24-hours earlier to scurry through the events leading up to that explosive moment. The casting is inspired – notoriously nutty actors Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper will be voicing human characters in the game, which somehow helps make the eight-legged protagonists seem less creepy. And the advertisements are ingenious – watching poor Jordan try to reattach the markers, his hand already numb from multiple scorpion stings, never gets old.

These creatures aren’t nearly as deadly as the marketing department.