Aeon Flux creator working on Velvet Assassin graphic novel

Peter Chung, creator of the ultra-violent, uber-sexual sci-fi cartoon Aeon Flux, is creating a 15+ page digital graphic novel for SouthPeak’s Velvet Assassin.

The graphic novel will focus on titular assassin Violette Summer’s exploits before she joined the war effort as a nightie-clad super spy. Even though the events of the videogame are based loosely on the real life efforts of Allied secret agent Violette Szabo, the graphic novel won’t necessarily borrow backstory from the courageous resistance leader’s life. The videogame has certainly taken liberties with its intense historical source material, and thankfully so – though Velvet Assassin portrays Violette dying drugged out on morphine and memories, the real life story has a much more unhappy ending.

Players will be able to get their hands on both the game and the digital graphic novel, which is being offered as an exclusive limited-quantity bonus at Gamestop (which we find rather ironic), when Velvet Assassin releases April 14.