Blizzard says adios to E3 2009

Even though Blizzard has already confirmed that they were attending E3 this year, it appears that they have had a change in heart. According to GiantBomb, Blizzard has confirmed that they will not be arriving at E3 this year. Sorry guys. No updates on Starcraft II, Diablo III, or even the next WoW expansion at this year’s E3. But rejoice, gamers — even though Blizzard will not be at E3, Blizzcon is only four months afterwards. Then you can drool all you want over the new games Blizz will be coming out with. Although Blizzard may not be attending the expo, big brother Activision will still be attending, so we can expect to hear some new updates on the Tony Hawk, Call of Duty, and Guitar Hero franchises.