Left 4 Dead in threeeeee deeeeee

I bet you’re sitting there playing Left 4 Dead thinking to yourself “Man this is pretty dope, but it’s missing something that I can’t quite put my fragging finger on.” This is a feeling that we just can’t seem to shake. The waves and waves of zombies getting blasted away as blood spatters in all directions, big honking zombies bosses with deadly fart clouds just continues leaving us craving a little something more. Something that will reach out and grab us.

Well we have just the thing for you! Left 4 Dead in 3D!!! Break out those trusty blue and red lensed glasses, apply this hack and enjoy the screen popping zombie fragging fun! The awesome thing about this hack is that it allows you to set the colors to fit whatever particular set of 3D glasses you have. Did you get those glasses for the Monsters vs Aliens trailer that aired during the Superbowl? Perfect, they have a setting for that as well as the traditional red/blue 3D glasses. Unfortunately this hack will only work on the PC. Sorry Xbox 360 owners, you’re left for dead on this one. While this is simply a driver setting that acts as a faux 3D effect, it’s still pretty damn cool!