Splatterhouse could be called God of Persia…

…or Prince of War, whichever you prefer. When the first trailer for Splatterhouse debuted back in October of last year, it successfully recalled key elements from the series’ 16-bit glory days: the damsel in distress, the Jason-inspired mask and, most importantly, the ever-reliable 2×4. It seemed that the title was poised to bring the simple, gore-soaked gameplay of its predecessors into our current HD generation.

A look at the latest trailer, however, reveals some new elements for the series, including vertical platforming a la Prince of Persia and God of War-style QTEs and boss fights. The game’s current release window is 3rd quarter 2009, so we’ll find out then if these new gameplay elements mesh with the old — or if they stand out as hollow attempts to borrow from some current classics.