New details on The Pitt

The next downloadable episode in the Fallout 3 universe, called The Pitt, takes place in Pittsburgh, PA and is home to the worst kinds of Raiders and Slavers. That’s something we already knew, but The Escapist got some hands-on time with the upcoming content at DICE and explained some background information and a mission we’ll be partaking in. We’ll jump into The Pitt after receiving a message on our characters Pip-Boy to help a character named Wernher. Wernher wants our character to find The Cure, which will basically cure mutation. To do that we have to do some missions that makes us choose to be on the side of the slaves or the Slavers.

Ashur is the leader of the Slavers and demands his slaves work day and night gathering steel. The slaves cut the steel by using a new weapon called AutoAxes which are Fallout‘s version of chainsaws. The slaves are getting ready to stage a rebellion against their owners and it’s up to us to help them or not. The first mission has us getting a slave outfit in order to infiltrate the core of this slavery business. However we choose to get the outfit, we meet a slave named Midea. Midea has our character go out and collect steel ingots from a new enemy called Trogs.

Trogs used to be human but the immense levels of radiation in The Pitt has converted them to four legged monsters that attack in packs. After that’s over, Midea tells our character about an area tournament where the winner gets to meet with Ashur.

That’s where the details end and it looks like we’re getting back into the exploring and decision making gameplay that was absent in Operation Anchorage. The Pitt will be out in March for 800 MS Points.

Some shots from the DLC below.