Overlord II clubs seals, rides wolves

The first Overlord on Xbox 360, and later ported to the PS3, introduced us to a world where we got to play as the villain. We made our way through the countryside with minions in tow, slaughtering sheep and adding accessories to our glorious demonic fortress. Codemasters have sent over a trailer and bunch of screenshots (below) for Overlord II that shows off a couple of new features the game will offer.

A new corruption system separates our actions into Dominate or Destroy categories. Dominate will make people fall under our command and offer rewards whereas Destroy basically obliterates everything and everyone. The red, blue, brown and green minions return with a little more battle knowledge than before. They can now jump on the backs of wolves and other creatures and ride them into battle. They can also operate war machines. One of the best new features is the ability to resurrect a fallen minion from the Minion Graveyard. We no longer have to say goodbye to the minion who picked up all the coolest armor and weapons.


Overlord II is coming to the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in June.