PS3 and 360 sales jump in Japan thanks to SFIV

Captain Obvious is reporting from Japan for us that thanks to Street Fighter IV sales of both the 360 and the PS3 have increased pretty dramatically. It’s like the Japanese really like fighting games and especially like Street Fighter. Who would have thunk it? The game has sold over 86,000 copies last week and in that same time period the combined sales for both consoles increased by 4,000 units.

This is great news for the 360 especially, which struggles in Japan like none other. The system saw an increase of over 1,500 units during the week, meaning some people actually preferred to play the game on the 360 rather than on the PS3. However, more people went the PS3 route even though it has a larger install base with total unit sales increasing by over 2,500 units to a total of 18,656, almost double the 360’s 9,833 total. These sales spikes still did not allow either system to catch up with the Wii though, as Nintendo’s console moved 21,016 units, further confirming that everyone in Japan must own two Wiis by now. Also of note is that the DSi jumped by around 4,000 units thanks to the 192,945(!!!!) copies of Mario and Luigi RPG 3 that sold last week.