Quake Live goes into open beta next week

Did you ever play any of the older Quake games? You know the ones, where killing someone required a kind of skill that’s all but forgotten this day and age? Well for those of you too busy weeping and lamenting it, id Software’s seen fit to recreate Quake 3 Arena as a completely free game that’s playable in your web browser. Even better news: everyone will get a crack at the beta starting on February 24th. Just head over to the game’s home page to get the not-so-subtle hint. It’s a good bit of nostalgic fun that still holds up today. What does not hold up, however, is that the closed beta is already filled with people who never really stopped playing, and thus, until the system gets a moderate grasp on your skill level, you will be destroyed. Many times. BUT you will be destroyed for free!