RACE Pro and realism = BFF

There are two breeds of racing games; the ones that involve homing turtle shells and the ones that involve ridiculously fast cars. There are two breeds of racing gamers; the ones that can’t play the games involving the ridiculously fast cars and thus resort to turtle shells and the ones who can play games with ridiculously fast cars. RACE Pro is one of the latter games for one of the latter people.

Atari says the PC racer as one of the most realistic ever made and I’m sure for those who have played it on their PC it is. Of course Gran Turismo will have something to say about all this, but as for now this is looking pretty up there. The above video reveals a new track in Macau that will be available for the game. I believe I’ve driven into that wall they’re talking about in previous games and it is not a fun turn. Then again with games like this I pretty much drive into every wall. I’m one of those turtle shell guys.