“Xbox killer” gets life sentence

A illiterate British teenager, convicted of murdering a boy for the theft of his Xbox, has been given a life sentence. Shane Boyd (pictured left), a 16 year-old from Manchester, England, stabbed his victim in the back at a house party last August.

Boyd, dubbed the “Xbox killer” by the BBC, confronted Conor Black (right), also 16, outside the house party over the alleged theft of his Xbox console. He smashed a can of lager over his victim’s head, before stabbing him in the back as he turned to escape. The court heard that Black ran a short distance to a grassy area where he collapsed. He died shortly after. Boyd then stood in the road shouting that he was “the best” and “the man,” before threatening to kill anyone who reported the incident to police.

Judge Clement Goldstone QC sentenced Boyd to 22 years, to serve a minimum of 11 years before he can be considered for parole. “You had already armed yourself with a knife,” said Judge Goldstone, “Having seen him you asked someone for a beer can with which you hit him over the head and after he was walking away from you in something of a daze, posing no threat to you, you stabbed him once in the back.” He continued, “Your initial response was to gloat and to boast to anyone who would be impressed by what you had done.”

Strangely, The Telegraph is reporting that the row was over a PlayStation, rather than an Xbox. Though that hardly seems relevant in the face of such a tragedy.