PC Gaming Alliance president talks plans and piracy

We may just see a huge presence of the PC Gaming Alliance as this year’s Game Developer’s Conference. In an interview with BigDownload, PC Gaming Alliance president Randy Stude had plenty to say concerning the status of PC gaming. “As we have reported Worldwide revenues for the PC Game Software Industry at just under $11B in 2007 (new figures for 2008 are coming soon) many of these same retail analysts have been forced to admit the shortcomings of their data. PC Gaming is not dead. When recent retail sales data was released in the USA showing PC Gaming down year over year most in the press commented on the flaws of the data and that PC Gaming is leading the digital content distribution revolution.” With this, he mentions that interest in the organization is definitely present, who can argue especially with Capcom recently announcing their entry into the alliance.

As is mostly the case, Stude addressed the topics of DRM and piracy. “The PC Gaming Industry’s history is littered with examples of startups (including Stardock and Valve) that actually benefitted from wide spread piracy to grow a market for their future titles.” While this may seem as if he’s advocating piracy, “Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating piracy… However, how would Quake, Doom, Starcraft, Counter-Strike, or Half-Life have been able to grow widespread brand recognition without a widespread network of gamers openly sharing these games. These titles (and many more) defined the industry. Personally, my first experience with a first person shooter was with Doom (back in the day) and I did not pay for it.”

The alliance’s anti-piracy committee has also adopted a charter to curb piracy but it has not been revealed yet. Stude also ensures more reports and research at this year’s GDC and perhaps more admission of piracy.