Sony may release downloadable retail games for $39.99

Outside of smaller games on PSN within the $5-$15 price range, The PlayStation Network also houses full retail titles such as Warhawk, GT Prologue and Burnout Paradise for the exact or close to the same price as they’re found at retail. Futuresource senior market analyst Mai Hoang said Sony is planning to release full retail games for $39.99 via PSN as opposed to the $59.99 physical disk. Hoang also said Sony will add extras such as wallpapers and trailer to the disc version as an added incentive. Futuresouce also points out packaged game media will continue to outsell downloadable game media for the next few years. It predicts retail games will make $15.5 billion by 2012 while downloadable games will make $5.4 billion in that same time frame.