Codemasters is bringing Larry back

It’s confirmed. Codemasters and Team 17 are bringing Leisure Suit Larry back (h/t Big Download). Not too long ago, the game’s fate was undetermined after Vivendi Games (the original developer) merged with Activision. Now, according to Codemasters’ website, Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust will come out this April for the PC, 360, and PS3.

The world needs more well written adventure games, and the Leisure Suit Larry series was always one of the better ones. In Box Office Bust, the player will not assume the role of Larry Laffer, but instead play as his nephew, Larry Lovage (better last name), who is trying to help his uncle in the movie business. You might have thought that hitting on large breasted women would have gotten old the 9th time around, but many people–not me of course–still find it amusing. I couldn’t possibly understand why….