Hands-on / Sonic & the Black Knight

The Sega booth at Comic Con was crammed with Wii exclusives like MadWorld, The Conduit and The House of the Dead: Overkill. And tucked in there, right along side those, was a faint blue blured memory struggling to be relevant again. I am of course talking about Sonic the Hedgehog or rather Sonic & the Black Knight.

Having grown up with Sonic and in turn seeing the series go to pot over the years, I was apprehensive at best. The last several Sonicgames I’ve played are like the endless Mario spin-offs–only appreciated by the fanboys. Wiimote and Nunchuk in hand I soon had Sonic running, jumping and sword swinging to my hearts content. Sonic runs forward on a set path by pressing the control stick forward and can move slightly left or right to collect items or avoid obstacles. Sword play was responsive and simple with horizontal and vertical slashes as well as thrusts. Sonic can even stand his ground and defend instead of having to attack or jump over enemies.

Everything played smoothly and in no time I was blazing like only Sonic can. The level I played was just like the one above with plenty of items to get, targets to slash and out of place warthogs to dodge. The stage was fun and played very well, but since it was just the tutorial it makes me wonder how the rest of the game plays out. It ended with a fight against a huge dragon, which was also cool.

Its true that the Arthurian spin takes some getting used to, and longtime fans will miss Dr. Robotnic/Eggman and those zaney machines; but what the hell, Mario Galaxy worked didn’t it? This change could be a good thing. For me, Sonic & the Black Knight is now a must rent, but it will have to further prove itself worthy of a full purchase.