John Riccitiello calls recession a blessing

Getting down about the recession? Sad that many game developers are finding themselves in hard times, and pushing back your favorite games? Well, why don’t you look on the bright side of things ‘chap. The recession isn’t really a bad thing. Really, the recession is a blessing to the industry, sprinkling its magic pixie dust dust as it goes.

That’s at least what EA CEO, John Riccitiello, said at the DICE summit earlier this week. In a question and answer session after an address about the economy, Riccitiello took questions on the recession and its effect on game developers. Surprisingly, Riccitiello was extremely blunt when discussing the subject.

“I actually think that the economic crisis the game industry moved into in 2008 is a blessing,” he said to the crowd. Why is it a blessing though? Well, according to Riccitiello the financial crunch is forcing the “the riffraff” out of the competition. In short, the recession is forcing developers to stop putting out low quality games. True? Maybe. Seriously though, I really don’t see games like this ever vanishing.