Xbox LIVE: When hackers attack

It’s like Counter-Strike all over again.

The BBC (h/t Evil Avatar) is reporting that “malicious hackers” have been targeting Xbox LIVE players with increasing vigilance over the past 4 weeks. These “malicious hackers” (seriously, the BBC used ‘malicious’ about 20 times in their article) have been selling their services over the internet to help poor losers get back at the players that beat them at online games. The way most of the poor losers are getting even is by using a “smart tool” to flood their victim’s IP address with data, thereby blocking him from accessing the Xbox LIVE network. It’s the same technology that has been used to shut down websites before, and except this time it’s being used against individuals.

I can’t imagine anything sadder than players willing to pay hackers to get back at old foes, especially because it all started with a Halo 3 CTF match. I should think even gamers would have better uses for their money, but apparently I give the human race too much credit. Sigh.

In response to these attacks, Microsoft issued a statement saying, “We are investigating reports involving the use of malicious software tools that an attacker could use to try and disrupt an Xbox LIVE player’s internet connection,” and was careful to remind would be hackers that, “This malicious activity violates the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use, and will result in a ban from Xbox LIVE and other appropriate action.”