Capcom announces Lost Planet 2

The secret game Capcom said it will announce today via Xbox LIVE has turned out to be none other than the (much wanted) sequel to the 2007’s snow pirate shooter Lost Planet. The announcement video is now available for download on LIVE, as well as viewable above, and between the introduction by Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi and a short Q&A with Kenji Oguro, the game’s Director, that brings answers to questions like where the game takes place (a melted E.D.N.III), what powers it (Capcom’s properiatary MT-Framework 2.0 engine), and when the release date might be (“I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a little longer for that”), we can see a 3-minute trailer that shows plenty of in-game action.

When will we see more of the Lost Planet 2, you ask? According to Takeuchi, not for a while (unless the official announcement press release Capcom is promising to release on Wednesday brings some new information). But “it won’t be too long before we’ll have something new to show you.”