Confusion over Resident Evil 5 completion times

Xbox World 360 has responded to upset readers who believe the magazine fabricated their Resident Evil 5 playthrough times.

The UK publication’s latest issue carries an exclusive review of Resident Evil 5 that claims they finished the game in 7 hours, less than half the 20 plus hours of gameplay suggested in other mags. Some readers responded angrily, claiming the magazine had made the time up, prompting Xbox World 360 to post an update on their blog earlier today defending their legitimacy.

“As previously stated our first completion time, minus cut-scenes, was seven hours, thirty-six minutes and one second,” wrote Matthew Pellett. “For reference purposes, the total length of all the game’s cut-scenes clocks in at 80 minutes.

“This time was achieved in single player and on the normal difficulty. This was not a speed-run, nor were we pressured for time, and was not, as suggested, merely the time to complete the first three chapters of preview code.”

The post goes on to stress that you cannot experience all Resident Evil 5 has to offer in under ten hours. According to the mag, there are extras to unlock, multiple playthroughs are encouraged and the game gives plenty of reason to keep playing. Pallett concludes by cheekily stating, “We can only suggest that those citing 20+ hour completion times need to brush up on their gaming skills. :-)”

Regardless of the extra stuff, if Xbox World 360 are right, Resident Evil 5 looks like it could be a significantly shorter experience than Resi 4, possibly even the shortest game in the entire series. Right now, with all the racism and control method stuff flying around, it’s the last thing that Capcom needs.