Custom crocheted sackboys surpass your daily recommended allowance of cuteness

Move over kittens, babies and newborn zoo animals of the world, for there is nothing cuter than these custom crocheted sackboys, courtesy of videogame scripter and interface artist Maggie Wang.

A desire to make a basic brown sackboy of her very own soon spawned Prince of Persia‘s Prince, Star Trek‘s Spock, Hellboy‘s Hellboy and Discworld‘s Daft Wullie. Looking at pictures of her posable masterpieces makes me feel the same as I imagine hugging a baby unicorn would: sweet and stabby. Each sackboy takes approximately 4 to 8 hours to complete, stands approximately 8 to 9 inches tall, and can be yours for less than the cost of the videogame that inspired it.

That’s right, she’s currently taking orders with prices ranging between $30 for a basic doll to $50 and up for custom characters, depending on the complexity and materials. When you break it down, the time she puts into crafting these miniature miracles versus the cost, it’s actually really cheap. The only down side to ordering one of these is having to narrow down your selection, seeing as you have pretty much all of moviedom, gamedom and bookdom to choose from – wonder if my tax rebate will cover the complete cast of Watchmen?